Saturday, August 14, 2010


This week, I noticed hints of the changes that are coming to our area.

HPIM3113On the hilltops, there are splashes  of orange and gold on some of the trees.  It is time to start taking stock of firewood and making the most of these Summer days, while we have them.

I’m also noticing just how fast my girls are growing.  My “baby” is turning four on Wednesday.  My middle, curly-girlie, is maturing before our eyes.

HPIM3069Isn’t she lovely?

Speaking of changes, I decided to make some BIG changes to our diets this week.  I used to be very strict about eating healthy foods, but things have been lax this Summer.  My kids have probably had more candy, sweets and treats this summer than in their past summers combined.  Coincidentally, we’ve had a LOT more attitude and negativity in our household this Summer.  I do believe that there is a correlation between eating fake foods and behavior  issues. So, on Monday I laid down some new rules.  Between meal snacks were limited to *mostly” raw fruits and vegetables.  I cut out most processed foods as well as HFCS and food dyes. The first day was tough on the girls, but by day two they had adjusted pretty well.  In the last 6 days, I have noticed a HUGE difference in attitudes and cooperation from them. I also set a limit to the number of foods each girls had on their “I don’t like it” list.  (It seems like every time I allowed another food to go on the list, there was yet another food waiting in the wings. It was getting out of control.) All in all, these changes have been great for all of us!  Will we cut out processed foods forever?  Probably not, but a period of detoxing and cleansing will be beneficial.

This week, we received letters from two of our Compassion International children.

Precious in Ghana (GH220) has her letters written for her by a project worker.  In the most recent one, she opened by saying that she hopes the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ reigns in our home.  Truth be told, I opened the letter when I was stressed and impatient and those words went straight to my heart.  It was like God sent me a message via a little girl and her tutor halfway across the world.  Amazing.  Precious also tells us that she is getting tall and cute. She drew Ghana’s flag on the back as well as a computer and filing cabinet.  She is so, SO precious.

Rodrigo in Bolivia (BO281) sent us another letter, even though we received one from him just last month.  It makes me wonder if his project is starting to switch to the reciprocal writing system.  Part of his letter reads:

I thank you for the letter you sent to me.  My family and I read it together last weekend. They were very happy for all you told us and knowing that your family is well.  We are all well with the help of God.  I learn a lot in school, my teacher is very good. I understand all she explains to us.  I like stories of old nations and towns.

I go to the project three days a week and my tutor is a very good person. She always supports me if I have problems in my studies.  On Sunday we go to church with my family.  We are always praying for you and your family. I love the photos you sent to me. Goodbye with a big bearhug to the family,



Alia Macrina Heise said...

I hope the apple oat muffins were OK choices for your girls yesterday. I think some pretzels got passed too though! Whoops!

Michelle said...

Oh, that is just fine, Alia! Like I said, we're going with *mostly* fruits and vegetables for snacks and cutting out the junky stuff. I meant to tell you, the muffins were delicious! (I had to have one!) I doubt you broke out the HFCS and Red Dye #40 for those!

Chenning said...

Kaya looks so grown up, Meeshi. What a beautiful young lady :-).

Marsha said...

Hello, I really enjoy reading your blog. I'm trying to put a link to compassion on my blog but can't seem to choose the right "gadget". I am in the "Design" tab. Would you please let me know how you got the box with the child's picture in it? I have the code page up on Compassion's website, but can't seem to figure out where to place it.

thanks alot!


Michelle said...

Aw, thanks, Chenning! :)

Hi, Marsha! I believe you go to "Layout" and then "Add a Gadget" or "Add a Widget"?

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