Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Week’s End Wrap-Up

It has been another busy week in our household.  Last Sunday, my oldest’s dog tore through a screened window while we were at church and we haven’t seen her since. We’ve spent a lot of time driving the country roads around our home, calling for Sadie and putting up signs.  We’ve put ads in the paper and have contacted surrounding animal shelters and humane societies.  We’ve prayed and prayed. Right now, Nico is going through an emotional time as it is, while her Mom is busy with business and she’s spending a lot more time at our house. Losing her dog on top of it all has been very hard.  If you could spare a few minutes to pray for this sweet girl and her dog, I would appreciate it.


This week, we also had to deal with the aftermath of someone hacking our bank card and charging hundreds of dollars to a few different overseas companies.  Thankfully, it looks like everything will be resolved and the fund put back in, but the process takes paperwork and time. We hear about things like this often, but this is the first (and hopefully LAST) time it has happened to us.

Our week was also filled with all sorts of activities.  Tennis lessons, swim lessons, basketball class, arts and crafts and story time kept us busy. On Tuesday, my good friend took my girls for a few hours and they were able to ride their family’s new halflinger, Freja.


On Thursday, we went to visit the residents at a nearby Continuing Care Center and then stopped over to my sister’s house for a swim and some fun on the go-kart.


On Saturday, we spent a few hours at the County Fair.  All of the girls were quite amazed to see their first Demolition Derby and they loved looking at all of the 4H animals.  We ended up staying until 10:30, riding the rides and checking everything out.


With all of the activities and excitement, I am pretty exhausted. While we’ve been having a lot of fun, the time that I spend at home lately seems to be a mad dash to catch up with the cleaning, the laundry, the paperwork and phone calls.  I try to keep my mindset of one of gratitude for all that we’re able to do, but at the end of the day my dogs are barking and I just want to put my feet up and breathe deep.

We’ve gotten a few letters from Compassion International this week, and those always give me a lift and bring joy to my heart.  Our letter from Yolanda in Guatemala came with a photo of her with her birthday gifts.  In the letter, she tells us that she loves us with all of her heart.

A letter from Precious in Ghana tells us that her parents are having some profit from the things they are selling.  She also says that she is praying for my husband’s business to prosper and that we will sponsor her always.

We also heard from Rodrigo in Bolivia.  He says that his family is very happy for the letters we send. The weather in Bolivia is turning cold and many of Rodrigo’s friends have colds.  They are worried about the H1N1 flu virus.  He tells us that he had to take a very long trip with his mother to the countryside to harvest potatoes and that he came back and studied for his school exams and did well.  We also learned that his mother was able to buy him some warm clothes so he doesn’t get cold or sickly.


Shiksa said...

I'm so sorry about Nico's dog. :( That's really tough. It sounds like you are having a really fun summer. The girls look wonderful and happy.

JD said...

I will be praying for the dog to return home safe and sound, I'm so sorry!

OUCH on the bank card!!!!!!!! That would be a nightmare of paperwork, I'm so sorry you have to deal with this... I pray it's resolved soon!

What a wonderful week for receiving correspondence!!!!! Great letters, with great news! Glad Precious' family is begining to see a profit, and that Rodrigo was able to get warm clothing. I didn't know about the temps in Bolivia, that's where my Lizbeth is from, her mom wrote to me in April, and at the time, it was "hot". I will pray for your children alongside of mine, and I will pray that Lizbeth and the kids in Bolivia are able to keep warm as the temps drop.

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