Thursday, July 8, 2010

Summer = HOT!

This week has been sweltering. The temps have been in the mid-90’s and the air is thick with humidity.

HPIM3017 This hazy shot was taken during yesterday evening’s trip to the lake.  I am SO thankful that we are just a ten minute drive and can end our hot days with a dip into cool water.

The humidity drains me and I feel like the last week has been a blur of damp towels, frozen grapes, sweaty hugs, and fans set on high.  We’ve had a lot of fun with Summer Rec, but the girls have also had their fair share of squabbles. The humidity makes everyone a little cranky at times.  I have been putting off the household chores until the evening, when it is cooler.  That means that I don’t have my three helpers to lend a hand and I am realizing just how much they really DO help on most days.

I am looking forward to tomorrow, when this heat wave is supposed to break.  I think temps in the 80’s with lower humidity will feel pretty nice!

HPIM3015For now, I will be thankful for lakes and fresh cold water from the faucets. I’ll appreciate our fleet of fans and freezer that keeps our ice bin full.  

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Cheryl said...

That water looks SO refreshing! It's been hot here too, the humidity is the worst.

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