Friday, July 2, 2010

Summer = Fun!

My husband *thought* he was building a shed behind our house. Little did he know, he was actually constructing a Mud Treat Bakery.


The sawhorses are actually counters and the scraps of wood are actually cookie sheets.

HPIM3003 Mmm, cookies anyone?


Who can resist dark chocolate mud-cake?

This week has been a flurry of fun (and TIRING) activities.  I hit the pillow each night and have been sleeping like a log, so have the girls.  Summer Rec is such a blessing! My older two have decided that they actually LOVE sports. I am remembering how much I love tennis!  It has been many (many, many….) years since I played on our high school team, but I was excited to discover that I am still pretty good! While my girls have only been playing for a few days, I can see their potential and am excited to watch them progress and play with them!



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Rebecca said...

Its not really summer until you've made some good ol' mud cakes! That last mud cake makes me think mom joined in the fun :)

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