Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Beautiful Vision in Blue

Last month, in this post, I talked about a dream I had.  It was such a lovely dream, and felt so real that I have thought about it many times since.  Since then, I have found myself thinking of Yolanda in Guatemala when I see vibrant, sky blue and remembering the dream I had of meeting her.

Earlier this week, we had what I like to call a Good Mail Day and found a cream colored envelope from Compassion International. We are always giddy with excitement when we receive a letter from one of our children.  When opening the envelope, I caught a glimpse of brilliant blue inside and immediately thought of Yolanda.  Inside, we found a letter along with this picture.

scan0001My heart skipped a beat when I saw Yolanda, holding her birthday gifts, and wearing a dress the SAME color as the one she wore in my dream. Even more amazing, the photo and thank you letter were put together the same week I had my dream!

With the $25 we sent to Yolanda for her 8th birthday, she was able to buy some clothing, a wool blanket and some new sandals. We are so thankful to be able to send a little bit of money to each of our Compassion children for their birthdays. We also love getting photos and letters to see where the money has gone, and to see our sponsored children!  Isn’t Yolanda just gorgeous?    I’m so glad she’s a part of our family!

This week, we read Abuela’s Weave, which is set in Guatemala.

It is a lovely story of a girl and her Grandmother and the weaving which they sell in the market.  The rich illustrations show details about life in Guatemala.  I also found a Unit Study to go with this book at Homeschool Share.  You can find it if you click here.


Sara said...

how wonderful! I can't wait to hear from my compassion child for the first time:)

JD said...

Wow.... that's such a God thing! Goosebumps!

I love that photo, and I know what you mean about 'good mail days' -- mine for the week was yesterday, when I received two letters from our Compassion kids, one including a family photo from when I sent them a family gift. My heart just felt incredibly hugged!

You know you're a Compassion Advocate/Sponsor when the kids go to the mailbox, and yell "Something's wrong, there's nothing from Compassion today..."

JD said...

P.S. Wanted to add that I always LOVE LOVE LOVE your book recommendations -- thank you so much for those!

mamabear said...

I love your posts! You are making such a difference, for both your "adopted children", and for your own.

Heather said...

We just read that book this last week. I spent two summers in Guatemala and I can't believe how many memories flooded back while reading this book. I'm excited to see that there are activities that I can add to it for my boys. Our first child we sponsored thru compassion was from Guatemala!

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