Saturday, June 26, 2010

Twenty-five Dollars

What would you or your children buy if you received $25 in a birthday card? I bet the first that popped into your mind wasn’t, “Well, a goat!” But, that is what our Yishak in Ethiopia decided to buy and yesterday we received pictures!


I was so thrilled to find these photos in my mailbox yesterday! Yishak is really growing and looks so healthy, for that I am thankful.  Here are the two previous pictures we have of him.

youngyishak  yishak2

We don’t hear from Yishak very often.  In the 8 or so months that we’ve been correspondents with him, we’ve gotten two letters and those lacked much detail.  He has been the child that has brought home the lesson that we sponsor for the children, and not for ourselves. We write to him as faithfully as our other children, despite the lack of letters. We know that, even if we don’t hear from him, our letters may well mean more to him that we will ever know.  I will admit, though, that we do feel a bit closer to the children who write monthly, just because we know more about them and their lives.  At any rate, having these two pictures gives us a sense of closeness.  We’re thankful to see how well he looks and see details like the large hut and plant life in his area.


Just look at this lovely family!  I hope that the goat remains healthy and that it helps Yishak’s confidence. I am not sure if it a female to breed and milk or if it is a male to stud out or possibly eat.  I’ll be asking in our next letter to Yishak, though.


The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

I just happened upon your blog and had to comment - first because I laughed about the goat but second because of the rest.

I can only imagine how much an animal like that must mean to the entire family! And wow!


Tracey said...

How neat! Glad he shared with you a photo of what he bought for his birthday!

Rebecca said...

Wow! That is great that his center shares so many photos. Isn't it amazing what $25 dollars can do? I'm always astonished when my kids tell me everything they bought with my small gifts.

JD said...

Wow, what a difference Yishak's photos, first of all! Like you, I appreciate the photos, especially seeing the growth and how well they're doing!

I love that his letters have taught the family that sponsorship is for the children, even if we don't benefit from much details in the correspondence... that may change over time, though, in Yishak's case. It's possible that culturally, letter writing doesn't come naturally, and may be tentative at first until he sees the pattern your letters create. I will pray for this to improve, but at the same time, I fully understand what you mean about still being about the kids :)

Keep us posted on the letters, and his goat!! What a beautiful gift for him!

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