Thursday, June 3, 2010

Our Bedroom Gets A Facelift

For a few weeks, I had been thinking of doing something in our bedroom, like painting a tree silhouette on our wall.  While searching Google for images, I found a lot of neat decals for sprucing up our room.  They gave me the inspiration for the design and Tuesday I picked up a quart of paint that was one shade lighter than our wall color.  I free-handed this design yesterday and love the way it looks!  (The first paint stroke was nerve wracking, but it was fun after that!) It looks really nice in natural light, but the flash makes it looks a bit brighter than the design truly is.


The point of no return, a few of the branches started.

HPIM2808 Filling out the branches.

HPIM2811 Added leaves and a couple of birds.


The (mostly) finished product.  I decided to add two more lower branches later today to make the tree more balanced.  After that, I will add more birds flying in to the tree, and also paint some perched along the tops of our closet molding and window.  Later this week, I will do another similar tree on Jay’s side of the bed.


Katie said...

It looks so professional and pretty!

Val in the Rose Garden said...

BEAUTIFUL Michelle! I just LOVE how it turned out. And I really like the blue of your wall. We are paiting our kitchen cabinets a similar color soon. With subway tile and tiny red accents I think it will look great! Now you have me thinking of all the possibilities.....

Love Val

Rebz said...

That is amazing looking. I have often daydreamed about somehow capturing the effect of the shadows of trees and leaves on my wall. That would be a good substitute during the long winter months. I'll have to show my hubby and see what he thinks.
Also, it is very interesting that you commented on my blog today, and that you sponsor Compassion kids, because that has been on my heart quite a bit lately.

Michelle said...

Thanks, all! I have been wanting to do something like this for months, but finally got up the nerve and bought thew paint! I did another tree on the opposite wall yesterday.

Joce, Compassion has been such a blessing to us. :) I commented on a couple of blogs this morning, what is the direct link to yours?

Lala said...

wow i wish i was that creative! i do not trust myself with paint!

you commented on my blog about compassion, so i decided to check yours out. i find that pretty funny, your husband is Jay and your daughter Kaya? same goes for the Compassion employee i worked for!

Mama D.'s Dozen said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I look forward to reading more of yours.

LOVE the tree and the birds. Wow! My 8 yo just told me I should do that, but I had to explain to him that I am NOT an artist. :)



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