Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Dream that Ended too Soon

A few weeks ago, I had a dream that we traveled to Guatemala to meet Yolanda, one of our correspondence children.  It was so vivid, we were the back of a crowd of people and the children from the project were coming out of the building and lining up outside.  Through the crowd, I scanned to try to find Yolanda among the children.  I saw a girl that I thought was her but she looked happier and vibrant and had on a beautiful sky blue dress.  As I worked my way up through the crowd, our eyes met and she grinned such a big grin. The crowd parted and she ran to us and said, "Oh hello, Mr. and Mrs. W.!" and threw her arms around my neck.  Of course, I woke up just then and my first thought was, No! I wanted to go back to that dream and spend more time with that sweet girl.

The dream has come to mind several times since then.  Today, I decided to check out where the Compassion Bloggers were going to travel next.  They went to Kenya for their last trip and I checked in every day and wept and smiled as I read their daily stories of what they encountered.  On their site, I read that they are going to be going to Guatemala next.  My heart got stuck in my throat as I remembered the dream of meeting Yolanda in Guatemala.  I felt as if God was putting puzzle pieces together and telling me, “Do it!” so I submitted my blog to be considered.

Of course, after the fact, I saw elsewhere on the Compassion Bloggers site that they are only looking for bloggers who get at least 30,000 hits a month on their blogs.  Whoops! I haven’t gotten 30,000 hits……ever. lol

Like my previous dream, this momentary dream of getting to meet Yolanda has ended too quickly.  I will, however, look forward to reading all of the posts put up by those who were chosen for the trip.

If you missed the posts from the bloggers who went to Kenya, I highly suggest you go read them.

This post by Brad Ruggles is one of the ones that has stuck with me the most since that trip.  Take a minute and check it out.


Dustan and Becka said...

Don't forget that, with God, all things are possible. Perhaps your time is "not yet". Perhaps the route you will take to Guatemala is a different one?

Christy said...

May God bless you and your heart for children. Thanks for visiting my blog. Hope your dream comes true in God's timing.

Danielle said...

God gave you that dream for a reason! I can't wait to see how He goes about fulfilling it! :)

Rebecca said...

Hi Michelle. As soon as I read your post on the OC, I had a feeling about what your dream was :) I know, I too have looked into the blogger trips, but my numbers don't reach that high either.

I'll pray that God will make a way, some how, some day, to go meet your child. I believe it is HIM who put the desire in your heart, and HE can do anything :)

joolz said...

Hi Michelle, I'm a new sponser for a child in gutemala, i just received my first letter from her, it is so exciting! But i dont kno what you are talking about when you said the"blogger trips" do they chose people to go with them on some trips? I would love to visit my little girl someday too! I'm still tring to learn my way around the campassion site

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