Thursday, May 27, 2010

Our Newest Compassion International Sponsor Child, Bertille!

A few weeks ago, Jay started work on a shed behind our house. He realized that we would lose a $65 a month bill (our storage unit) once it was completed and he mentioned taking on another sponsor child with the saved money. For over a week, we poured through the Compassion International website, trying to find “the one” amongst the over 1,500 children on the waiting list. Kaya was hoping for someone close to her age and we’d have certain children in mind, only to have them sponsored before we finalized our commitment. We knew it was all in God’s timing, and we’d find the child we were meant to minister to.


Let me introduce Bertille from Burkina Faso, Africa! We are so glad that God led us to this sweet girl. When we received the Child Information file, we found out that Bertille’s father passed away and that her mother is seriously sick. Burkina Faso is a country where most are subsistence farmers, meaning that they have to plant, care for and harvest food if they are going to survive. We have been saying a lot of prayers for Bertille and her family. I am thankful that Compassion will provide meals while Bertille is at the child project and that our family is able to send money to help the family get food to survive. No, we’re not rich or anything close, but thankfully God has provided our family with “enough” to survive and also share some of our blessings with others. If you don’t know about Compassion International ~ please click the link to find out more!

We recently received a photo of one of our other sponsor children, Precious, with her family and the provisions they bought with a financial gift sent last November.


We were so happy to see the whole family and know that they had some provisions. They bought rice, sugar, canned tomatoes, water and soap with our gift money. We placed this photo up on our fridge as a daily reminder that the old phrase of, “There’s nothing to eat!” couldn’t be further from the truth.


Amy Lynn said...

Hi, I'm a new reader to your blog, which came up b/c I have a Google search for Compassion International.

My smallest sponsored boy, Aziz, is from Burkina Faso, project 126.

Michelle said...

Hi there! Bertille goes to BF122. :D So, do you have something that notifies you if someone posts about Compassion?

Amy Lynn said...

Yup, I set it up in Google Alerts :)

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