Monday, March 8, 2010

Months Later, We’re still here!

I cannot believe I haven’t written anything here since December!  The Spring thaw seems to be on its way and we are soaking up some sunshine and letting fresh air blow in through open windows.

All has been well with our family, we’ve been so blessed!  Jay has plenty of work and the girls have been busy with homeschool activities and play dates.  I have been very involved with promoting Compassion International and am now an official advocate.

For the last week, a group of bloggers have been touring Kenya and visiting various projects.  I highly recommend that you visit THIS link and read through some of the blogs that have been posted.  I admit, seeing the pictures and reading the stories has changed my heart.  I already loved Compassion but feel even more fire within me to spread the word and try to get others involved.

I urge you to read more and sponsor a child!