Friday, November 6, 2009

Welcome, November!

October was a crazy month for us, but now that everyone is healthy I can catch up a bit and post some pics from the last few weeks.


The Autumn colors were brilliant, but before we knew it we had snow and frost sweeping through.


The frosty morning walks with the dog get a bit shorter when it is so cold. I still find time to look for photograph opportunities such as this.


We visited the Continuing Care center and Luna was passed around like a party favor. She snuggled in with those that needed a snuggle and entertained those who needed a laugh.


In an attempt to get a group shot if the girls, I got to capture the *other* side of Luna’s personality. Oy.


For their Story of the World class, the girls got to make Joseph’s coat of many colors.

In other news, we have gotten many letters and pictures from our children that we sponsor and correspond with through Compassion International. Our little Precious from Ghana sends at least one letter per month, though sometimes we get 2 in a week!

We were able to pool our money with the two other people who donated through the Donate button on the left and sent a Family Gift to the Okyere family in the amount of $100. The monetary gift is in transit now and when it arrives in Ghana, Compassion workers will help determine the best way to use the money to benefit the family. If anyone else feels compelled to donate, 100% of the funds I receive will go straight to Precious and her family when I send the next gift.

We also took on two new correspondent children. Johan lives in India and is 14 years old and Yishak lives in Ethiopia and he is 11. We keep the pictures of our 5 Compassion children up on our fridge and pray for them daily. While we do not financially support Yolanda, Rodrigo, Yishak and Johan, we sent many letters filled with love and encouragement. It has been a great experience for our family.

I will try to update more frequently this month, hopefully everyone will cooperate and stay healthy!

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Cheryl said...

That frosted leaf is an AMAZING shot!! I felt the same way, October was a rough month for us with the flu and whatnot.

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