Sunday, November 29, 2009

So Long, November

Well, at least I am good for 2 blog posts a month.  I always mean to sit down and post to this blog but it seems like I do most of my updating and communicating through Facebook these days.  Then, I feel redundant posting about the same things here.  I know that a few of my family members and friends aren’t on Facebook (no, really!) so here I am updating about our November. :)

Kaya turned 8 this month and we had a fun time celebrating.  We spent the morning of her birthday at the Strong Museum for Play.  It was very busy due to school being out for Veteran’s Day, but everyone seemed to have a blast!








Despite our liberal use of hand sanitizer, the girls came down with some sort of sickness within days of our museum trip.


Our homeschool co-op has been going well.  This month, the children learned about self defense and had fun throwing Mr. Faber around.


We went to Wegmans last week to pick up some Thanksgiving supplies and found that they have a whole display up that is made to look like the barn that Jay built for the Wegman family. They even have a wooden shape sorter barn with a likeness of the barn.  Very cool.



And here is the actual barn.



It has been a busy month for correspondence with our children from Compassion International.  We received letters from Yishak in Ethiopia, Yolanda in Guatemala and Precious in Ghana. The letters and drawings always bring such joy to our home.  We just love them!  This month, we received the special bonus of a picture of Precious with her family and friends.


When we started to sponsor her in July, we had just missed her birthday by a few days.  We sent along an extra $20 so that she could have a birthday gift.  With that $20, she got a dress, shoes, toothbrush and toothpaste, a sponge, paints, schoolbooks and a treat of Cola to share with her friends.  We were overjoyed to get this picture, to be able to see the Center (GH220 ~ Ajumako Bisease Child Development Center) where she attends.

In her most recent letter, Precious tells us that she likes to sweep and it is joyful and fun for her.  Boy, did that ever hit my heart!  I will admit that I do not generally love sweeping. Or any housework for that matter.  I’ll do it, but I’d prefer it if the messes were to magically clean themselves. lol Well, to read about the outlook that Precious has about sweeping has changed me a bit.  Now, when I sweep, I always think of our girlie in Ghana.  The girl who goes without so many things in her life, but still finds it in herself to be joyful and see the fun in sweeping.  I sweep and pray for her family, I sweep and meditate on the sweet girl halfway around the world who has changed my heart forever.

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Mama D.'s Dozen said...

It's so fun to see pictures of the family in Ghana. I've spent almost 7 weeks in Ghana, in the past 2 years. It's a beautiful country with beautiful people.

Laurel :)

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