Monday, October 12, 2009

Our Evening run to the E.R.

Jay was on the couch sick yesterday after a night of being up and coughing for hours.  A week after the rest of us recovered, he came down with the dreaded sickness.  Around 6pm, his breathing became much more difficult and by 7pm, he was talking about a trip to the Emergency Room.  You know it is serious when Jay is suggesting going to the hospital. The girls were in pajamas when Jay decided that he needed to go.  Jay was wheezing and gasping and starting to turn a strange shade of whitish green.

This is the third time we’ve had to rush to the E.R., not counting when we transferred from our attempted homebirth after Luna’s cord prolapsed. Like the two time before, Nico took complete charge of getting her sisters ready. Within a minute, she had a bag packed with spare clothes and everything they may need if we needed to stay there for a few hours.  It was nothing short of amazing.

After jump-starting our car (which totally added to the stress of the moment) we made it to the ER within 20 minutes and Jay was given a nebulizer treatment right away.  That seemed to help within a few minutes and he could at least take bigger breaths. Then he needed a chest Xray and 2 more nebulizer treatments. The biggest shock of the night was when the doctor gave Jay the news that his lungs were in bad shape.  While she didn’t want to give a definitive diagnosis, the Doctor explained that Jay’s lungs showed the very beginning stages of Emphysema.  Jay has smoked off and on since his teens and that has taken a major toll on the efficiency and health of his lungs. I do believe that the combination of that news and knowing the very scary feeling of gasping for breath might be exactly what he needs to kick the habit once and for all.

We got home just before midnight and Jay was able to get right to sleep.  I, however, was still going from adrenaline and couldn’t mellow out for hours.  Today is going to be a mellow, recovery day for all of us.


claustrophoebe said...

Whoa. My prayers are with you guys. I hope Jay feels better very soon! Kudos to Nico for stepping up to the plate and being so helpful. I am very proud of her!

claustrophoebe said...

And by the way, this is Anna (phoenix-rose). I changed my goodgle account name, sorry.

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