Tuesday, October 13, 2009

More Autumn Beauty

On our way to Story of the World class yesterday, I was taken by the amazing colors surrounding us.



The overcast skies dimmed the colors in the pictures, but you can still see how the hills are covered in orange and gold. I was hoping for sun and blue skies before the rest of the leaves fall, but that may not happen.


The Story of the World class went really well.  The children learned about mummies and pyramids, then they made their own pyramids out of sugar cubes.



Jay is slowly bouncing back though he is still weak and needing to lay down most of the day.  His breathing is much easier and we’re hoping that his recovery continues. He mentioned wanting to go back to work tomorrow, but I am hoping to keep him home at least one more day to get some strength back.


StacysBraces said...

Tie him down, Shell! :D Hope ya can squeeze one more day of recovery out of him...

And wow on the colors, and that's even muted by clouds like ya said. Who knows, maybe we'll get a lil more blue skies and sun before they all blow off with the snow lol...

Cool pyramids, Chris was looking at the pics over my shoulder and wants to try one now. I haven't even seen a sugar cube since I was a kid hehe!

Val in the Rose Garden said...

I hope he rests up. The biggest thing that I learned from that stupid flu was not to get up too fast. It took Don down for a whole second set before he was done with it.

Your pictures are breathtaking. Truly stunning. I LOVE the cast the grey put on those trees. Making them almost sureal and also very 1970s at the same time. Beautiful.

Love Val

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