Wednesday, September 23, 2009

More September Fun

We’ve had a lot of fun since our homeschool co-op and various classes started up recently.  This week’s Story of the World class featured a great (and messy) activity ~ Cave Paintings!


Then on Tuesday, we visited Parson’s Pipe Organs with our co-op group.  It was a very interesting field trip, where we all learned how a pipe organ works as well as how they’re designed and built.

HPIM1801 Checking out the working model of a pipe organ.


We were shown what “pulling out all of the stops” really means.



Then we got to check out the Design Room.

HPIM1808 This amazing, two-story organ frame was probably the coolest part of the tour.

HPIM1813 Before we left, everyone got to pick a pipe to bring home!

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Chenning said...

Awesome!!! Love the cavepainings! Looks like your girlies are getting such an education :-) BTW, I am Chenning from Amity's, and found your blog through one of your posts there.

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