Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Our Fun Day at Seabreeze

At least once every Summer, we like to make the trip up to Seabreeze Amusement Park north of Rochester. It is a fairly small park, but I prefer it over the other somewhat nearby park, Darien Lake. Seabreeze is small enough to keep you from being entirely beat by the end of the day, plus there are many large trees all over the park which provide shade from the Summer sun. While they do have some modern rides, they also have some “vintage” rides that I remember enjoying when I was little.

Now, on with the pictures!


Luna was big enough this year to ride the mini roller coaster and she had so much fun!



They have a mini version of the Yo-Yo, which Kaya claimed herself to be to big for, but Luna was happy on them!






Sometimes it takes looking at a picture to realize just how big our girls are getting.  Kaya is 7 now and growing up too fast!



Kaya was big enough to go on all of the “big kid” rides this year.  She was a little apprehensive before the Music Express started, but she was squealing with delight when it entered warp speed.



There’s a collection of kiddie rides in a shady part of the park and Luna rode them all several times.



She made friends with a little girl while in line for the cars, so they cruised together.



Nico wasn’t able to come with us this year, so my Mom stepped in as a willing substitute.  Kaya holds on for dear life while riding the Music Express with Gramma.



Hold on, Kaya!!  This ride goes *really* fast!



No trip to Seabreeze is complete without a few rides on the carousel.



Kaya was really good at a Squish the Spider game in the arcade.



Luna was happy just to go around pushing buttons and pretending to drive the racecar games.  No quarters needed!



Kaya and Grandma rockin’ out on the Sea Dragon.



Now, this was good for a laugh.  Jay made some enemies while on the Bumper Cars.  Some people were giving him dirty looks for bumping them.  Hello, people.  You are on the BUMPER cars!  If you were looking for Drive Around in a Circle and Not get Bumped Cars, check out the kiddie rides. 



While they do have a whole bunch of big water slides, the girls were happy as clams spending time on the little slides.  Kaya was so helpful, watching over Luna when she got to the bottom.



We stayed until the park closed at 10:00pm and for the last few hours, Luna walked around like a zombie but would not give in to sleeping in the stroller.  She was out like a light before we even made it to the expressway on the way home.


Charity said...

Looks like you all had a lot of fun!

The Szareks said...

Great pictures!

Gretchen said...

What a fun day! Looks like a good time was had by all.

Calico Prairie said...

Wow, that looks alot like a park we have out here called Adventure City! Such cute rides for little ones!

Thanks for sharing your pics, your kids are darling!

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