Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Guilty of Blog Neglect

The Autumnal changes that I am sensing have sparked me to start the Fall Decluttering and Cleaning a bit early.  Slowly, the leaves are starting to show their Fall colors and there’s a briskness that occasionally dances through the open windows.  With the changing seasons, I usually feel an urgency to prepare the Winter nest and squeeze in the last of the Summer fun while I can.  I am setting the goal to donate at least 10 garbage bags of “stuff” to the local thrifts within the next month and already have 4 packed and ready to go. I also hope to weed out a few boxes of stuff that are in the storage room and consolidate what we’re keeping.

The past week has been full of emotions for us.  On Thursday during Bible Study, we learned that the Pastor of our small church and his wife had decided to leave.   This came as quite a shock to many of us and goes against some things that were said recently.  Our church is very small and humble, with a low attendance but a strong bond.  Just a few weeks ago, our Pastor told us that he’d keep the church going as long as it could go, so when the news broke it left almost all of us full of questions.  He said, that Thursday, that they would stay with the church until the last Sunday in November.

The next day, a family from our church lost nearly everything when an early morning fire consumed their home. More shock, but out church family pulled together to help out as much as we could. Thankfully they family members all got out without injury although they lost some precious family pets and prized possessions.

On Sunday, our Pastor broke the news of his resignation at the end of the service. While we all tried to process the news right afterwards, the Pastor and his wife walked out and I have no clue if they’ll ever return. There are so many questions going around.  For myself, it brings up a lot of emotions that I went through as a child when my father left. The questions and feelings of abandonment are similar enough to leave me feeling “off” and emotional. This has all been a lot to process and I have been praying for peace within myself and my family.

On a positive note, we received our first letter from our Compassion International sponsor child.  Little Precious from Ghana sent us a letter (that she dictated to an assistant working for Compassion) and a simple drawing.  This letter brought me so much giddiness, and I will try to scan it in and post about within a day or so.

If you are so inclined, please pray for our small church in these coming days.  We were the Calvary Chapel if Jerusalem in Penn Yan, NY, but will probably lose that name if we cannot find a replacement Pastor soon.


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Val in the Rose Garden said...

I'll be thinking of you and hoping you find the guidance and support you need for your church. I wonder if some of the questions will be answered by the pastor if someone asked him by letter? Maybe that would help. Or at least get some of these questions out of your head and on to paper. That always helps me.

I have daddy issues too... and when things like that come up it shocks me to the core. I hope you are doing ok with it... {{{hugs}}}


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