Saturday, July 25, 2009

Saturday Morning Update

I spent much of the latter part of this week getting organized and gearing up for “next year’s” adventures in learning.  While we essentially do learning year round, I light up the load during the summer so everyone can enjoy the nice weather. (If you can call it that, it has been a record cold July for this part of NY with only a handful of days even making it into the 80’s, but I digress….)  So when I say “next year’s” I refer to the fact that the older girls are technically starting their 6th and 3rd grade  years of homeschooling.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am thrifty, sometimes to a fault.  In the past, I had always purchased the cheapest folders and notebooks and binders to suit our needs. This year, on a whim, I decided to let the girls pick out their own binder, folders and notebooks.  For the small amount of supplies we need, it really didn’t add up to too much more, but the thrill and excitement it gave the girls was so worth it. For Kaya, it was as if I gave her a Christmas present in July, she was bubbly with happiness and eager to organize and set up her learning materials.

So, back to organizing… Homeschooling while co-parenting a child can be especially challenging if everyone isn’t on the same page and things are not organized and planned well. In the 5-6 years we’ve been homeschooling Nico in two households, we’ve come up with a good rhythm and method that works well for the most part. I went through the drawers that the girls use to house their learning materials and pulled out anything extraneous and not needed.  I made a list of what things were to travel back and forth with Nico while she went from our house to her Mother’s. I got together a “game plan” for what we’re going to cover this month as well as a new method for building vocabulary.

All in all, it feels SO good to have things set and in order, ready to tackle the next learning experiences.

On another note, today my family is coming over to hang out and then camp out.  I’ll have the camera close by and will post pictures of our visit tomorrow!


StacysBraces said...

Have I mentioned before how in awe I am of you sometimes... a lot of the time? :) You have it so together, not a perfectionist or too hard-core, but you manage to teach them so much and they are so well-rounded! Doesn't hurt they are great kids to begin with, of course. Someday they are going to look back and realize how lucky they are to have you (in a different way than they do now as kids).

Michelle said...

Oh man, I really don't have it all together! But thanks, Sissy! You know from living with me that being organized is not my forte, but living with Jay has helped me see what organization should look like. It doesn't come easy, but it helps my frame of mind if I can get things somewhat "set".

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