Thursday, July 16, 2009

Li’l Bit of This & That

  • Outside my window… bright sun, blue skies, fluffy clouds, lush, green leaves in the trees.
  • I am thinking… about what I’d like to have Nico and Kaya do for learning today.
  • I am thankful for… the many blessings we have been given. A sturdy, warm house, a working vehicle, work for Jay, good health, food in the cupboards, everything we *need* and much of what we *want*.
  • From the kitchen… the smell of cinnamon rolls is wafting through the air along with the scent of my hazelnut coffee.
  • I am wearing…  brown cargo capris,  green fitted tee, birks, carnelian necklace, wedding band.
  • I am creating… a list of art projects for the upcoming year at our homeschool co-op.
  • I am going… to try to get it finished up by Sunday.
  • I am reading… The Usborne Complete Book of Art Ideas,  Using Color in your Art,  Art for Fun Projects,   Awesome Art Activities Around the Year.
  • I am praying… mostly for Nico’s mom to find peace in her life, or to be broken enough to let down her barriers and open the doors enough to let God into her life.
  • I am hearing… wind through the trees, orioles singing, hummingbirds twittering, Kaya and Luna laughing outside.
  • Around the house…
    Nico is still asleep, Jay is working down in the woodshop, Kaya and Luna are out playing, widows are all open and letting a fresh breeze through the house.
  • One of my favorite things… is watching a toddler spend an hour completely focused on the task of moving sand from place to place.
  • A few plans for the rest of the week… getting Nico ready to take her year end assessment test. (Was supposed to take it at her Mom’s but that fell through)

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Ann@His Grace To Me said...

I love posts like these, little snippets of your day. I might borrow the idea, if you don't mind!

I also wanted to mention how I appreciate the nice comments you leave when you drop by my blog. Thanks!!

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