Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Introducing our Compassion Sponsor Child


Beautiful little Precious lives in Ghana with her grandmother and two other siblings. She just turned six last month. Her grandmother is sometimes employed as a farmer. The average family in Ghana survives on about $10 a month, though I assume that with just one older adult as caretaker, this family gets by on less.

Through Compassion, we are allowed to send the family direct donations twice a year which go towards fulfilling the family’s most pressing needs. We hope to send our first family gift within the next few weeks and would be glad to pass along any funds that friends, family or faithful readers wish to donate. I will accept donations through Paypal, just tag the payment with the word “Precious” and I will be sure that 100% goes directly to this family when we send our gift. I added a donation button over on the left sidebar.

We, as a nation, are so blessed. If you can spare even a dollar, it will go a long way. Thanks!


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Andrea said...

Hi. I am visiting your blog from the comment you left on mine - Decipher the Fog. You asked about how to become an advocate for Compassion. Just go to their website and click on Share Compassion in the middle of the header. One of the options on the next page is Become an Advocate. That will tell you all about it. If you have any questions, feel free to email me - decipherthefog (at) gmail (dot) com. Your sponsor child is beautiful - I'm sure your sponsorship will really bless you and your family. We sponsor a little six year old boy in the Dominican Republic. I feel like we have been blessed so much!!

Well, take care and let me know if you have any questions. OH - one more thing, you can create an account on the Compassion website and it will show your child on there with lots more information about their community and student center. You can also send letters from your account and she will get them a little faster than the snail mail letters.

Okay, I think I've highjacked your comment section enough! God bless!


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