Monday, July 27, 2009

A Fun Weekend

On Saturday, my family came over for a fun get-together.  My sister and brother in law, along with some of their kids, set up tents in the yard and camped out.  My Mom roughed it on the couch. lol  We went geocaching, had a cook out, and shared some laughs around the fire. We found out that Jiffy Pop is flammable. (:snicker:)

Here are a few pictures from our weekend.


Nico leads the way on our first try at geocaching.



Kaya finds a tiny microcache.



Trying to avoid “muggles” when finding a cache right in town.



Last cache of the day.  We are now officially addicted to geocaching, what fun!



A tuckered out Luna finds some snuggle time with Uncle Joel.




Hanging out around the fire *before* the flaming JiffyPop catastrophe.


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The Szareks said...

I love the pictures, what a great time! I would love to get together with you before we leave :-)

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