Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Surprise by the Clothesline

On Tuesday evening, some of the laundry I had hung out wasn’t quite dry so I decided to leave some of it out overnight. But, by 10 o’clock, it started seeming like a storm was coming, so Jay went out into the dark to bring in the laundry. He was out there for a little bit when he heard a noise and thought there was a white sheet flapping in the breeze. When his eyes adjusted, he nearly jumped out of his skin when he realized that two white horses were standing next to him. He came in to tell me and we went out to try to figure out what to do. Next thing we know, Kaya had gotten up and then she woke Nico up, and we were all out in the yard trying to corral the horses. (They were small and very friendly, though spooked a bit so I didn’t take pictures that night)

We eventually decided to tie them out in the yard and wait until morning to try to find out where they came from. The girls were thrilled beyond belief to have foster ponies for the morning and were busy finding clover and grasses for them to eat.

To show how little we know about horses, we initially thought they were mama and baby. After talking with the owners we discovered that they are both pregnant females and the little one was 10 years old while the bigger one was 12!

Just another randomly interesting day out in the Boonies!


Val in the Rose Garden said...

What a neat close encounter!! I bet the girls will be talking about that for the rest of their lives. Cyan still talks about the crow that landed on our heads for weeks and weeks just before she turned 2 6 years ago. :)


sarasjourney said...

oooh lovely and so beautiful!

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