Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Quick Freebie Alert!

I do have other things to post, but pictures aren't uploaded and may not be until late tonight.

I just found out about a fabulous freebie and want to share. If you are a Facebook user, you can get a free art kit from Creativity For Kids, some of the products retail at close to $30.

1. Go to Facebook and find Creativity For Kids and click "become a fan"
2. Look through the products offered at www.creativityforkids.com
3. Email webmaster@fabercastell.com and tell them you are a Facebook fan. Let them know what product you'd like and send your mailing information.

It is THAT easy. Note to any friends or family without kids, you can sign up for this and I have a wishlist of many products I know our girls would love. Already have the Deluxe Tea Set and Travel Easel on the way, but there are at least 100 products up for grabs! Act now, this deal may be pulled soon, it is getting so much press!

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Journey to our Ukrainian Angel said...

I put on for this just in time/ Thank you so much!!

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