Sunday, June 14, 2009

My Disappointing Day

Yesterday, I was all amped up for a fabulous day.  We were going to be meeting up with our fellow homeschoolers for a picnic and then afterwards, meeting up at the same park with my family, who was camping out there.  I had been looking forward to the day for quite some time.  

Well, the day started out good despite the fact that my stomach felt just a little “off” in the morning.  I thought I had just made my coffee too strong.  We packed up and headed up to Ontario County Park.  Our girls had a great time, but shortly after I got there, my stomach started feeling worse and worse.  I tried to distract myself, get through it, but when it came time to sit down and eat, the smell of all of the food was too much for me and I nonchalantly excused myself and got sick out behind a building. Ugh. By the time the first picnic was over, I knew I had just better go home.  I was really disappointed to miss out on time with my family, but was feeling so gross and miserable I couldn’t have enjoyed myself.  On the bright side, we live close enough that Jay was able to bring me home and then go back to the park so that he and the girls could at least enjoy the fun.

At least Jay was able to take a few pictures of the homeschool picnic, where the kids all had fun with different Field Day activities. I’ll share a few pictures here before I slink back to bed. I’m not sick to my stomach anymore but my body is still feeling pretty weak.


Nico with her friend, Nancy.



Kaya and Hannah doing more of a balloon pass than a balloon toss.



Nancy and Nico are Master Balloon Tossers.



Just a few of our homeschool co-op kids.



Luna with her buddy, Owen. Aren’t they cute?


Val in the Rose Garden said...

Oh I am sorry you are sick! I HATE being stomach flu sick. {{{hugs}}}

It looks like the girls had a great time though! They are beautiful as always. :)


sarasjourney said...

pregnancy ? ;o)

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