Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Finally an update with a few pictures!

Here are just a few pictures we have taken since our internet went off last August. First, Nico with a watercolor painting she made for her Mom's birthday last November. It went along with a beautiful poem she wrote.

And now the lovely day is done,
The moon will rise above the sun.
Brilliant colors blend in the sky,
Beautiful colors make me sigh.
Colors are so vibrant and bright,
Then it gets darker towards the night.
On a high hill I see two tall trees.
The trees slowly wave from the breeze.
Together, tall and close they stand.
The branches reach out to hold hands.

Here are Kaya and Luna last November.

For Kaya's birthday, a group of extremely thoughtful friends chipped in and bought Kaya the American Girl doll that she had been longing for. She was totally surprised and thrilled.
Fast forward to some recent shots, our family got together at my Grandma's house for a work party/family reunion.
Here are my three girls two weeks ago. We went to the theater in town to see a dance performance,
Sometimes you have to pick your battles. Luna has a thing for mud puddles. (Or "muddles" as she calls them!) When we have a few rainy days in a row, our dirt driveway gets a few and it is next to impossible to keep Luna out of them.

Last week, Kaya finally learned to ride a two wheeled bike. We bought Kaya a fancy new bike 2 years ago and our jerk of an ex-landlord threw it away. We never had a chance to replace it, but Nico brought over a bike she had outgrown and Kaya learned to ride by the next day.

Ok, that's it for pictures for now. I should update on a few things I had posted about before the internet went down. Most importantly, we have had incredible changes in our relationship with Nico's mom and our time with Nico. While we were going through the custody battle, I kept trying to convince myself that God had a plan, but the whole situation was so painful it was hard to take to heart. Well, He did have a plan. Things are better then they have ever been, and it feels like a miracle. We, as parents, are working together, compromising and respecting each other. Our time with Nico is back to just about 50/50 and sometimes we have her more than half the time if her Mom is swamped at work. It is amazing. When I think about the anger and heartache we all went through, it seems like sooooo long ago. Answered prayers, for sure.

Jay has been blessed with plenty of work. The income of a self employed carpenter can be feast or famine, and we have gone through both. While many of Jay's friends are having a heck of a time finding jobs, Jay currently has work lined up for a while and that is a good feeling.

The girls are all doing really well. Nico is our tween now, turning 11 in April. We have our ups and downs that go with the territory of this age, but overall she is a great kid. Kaya is 7 and just completed second grade. Luna will be three soon and is on the move all. the. time. She puts me through my paces on a daily basis, and is extremely talkative and funny.

I have been blessed with my involvement in a local homeschool cooperative where we all made some great friends. We had our Open House last night and it was so nice. The children all sang songs and there was a talent show that was so adorable. All of the students received Certificates of Achievement and a big round of applause at the end. Then, friends and family got to look through some of the work the children completed over the year and sigh their yearbooks.

Well, enough updates for now. I've got some things to get done around the house and need to work on Kaya's Individualized Home Instruction Plan for third grade. Have a great day and be blessed!


Journey to our Ukrainian Angel said...

Wow the kids have grown!! So glad things are going well!

Val in the Rose Garden said...

It sounds like you guys are doing really really well. That is great to hear. Esp the part with Nico and her mom and all... what a beautiful blessing that is! Glad to have you back. Love the update!


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