Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Farewell, Property...

After much deliberation, Jay and I finally sold the little 2.5 acre piece of property we bought shortly after we got together. It was one of the first real assets we bought together, something we actually *owned* that was of tangible value.

In 2005, we had an issue with a landlord that ended up with us evicted from our rental. Instead of taking just any old rental, we decided to bide our time and camp out while we found a place that would be a good environment for our girls. We ended up camping for most of two months, from mid-July to the end of September and it was such a wonderful time! Many thought we were nuts for taking our two girls and our pets and living in tents up in the woods. However, if you ask Nico and Kaya about our time, they will tell you all of the things they loved and remember about it. We had everything we could have needed... A big three room tent for sleeping in, another two room tent for a bathroom (yes, with a camp toilet) and a playroom with books and toys, even a lean-to kitchen. For the first week, I cooked and heated water over a campfire. I didn't mind except for the foraging for sticks first thing in the morning to get water heated for coffee. Then, Jay found a propane stove and brought it up and connected it to a grill tank. Life was made 100% easier with this addition to camp. I also had a pantry, countertop, coolers and big Igloo water cooler. One of my fondest memories is taking my showers, fresh from a solar heated camp shower, right out in the midst of nature. We did make it to friends houses a few times a week to wash up the girls. I did laundry a little bit at a time in a hand-cranked camp washing machine and dried everything in the sun.

The only pics I have of our campsite are small and not great quality. They were taken before I got my stove, but you get the general idea of our set up.

As of Friday, we are passing the property on to a nice, older couple who plans to set up a camper on our old campsite (while using our little lean-to that is still standing up there after 4 years!) and also use the property to store some extra things they have. I know they will enjoy it and I will always treasure our memories of living up on the property.


Val in the Rose Garden said...

What beautiful memories! Thanks for sharing Michelle. I am sure they property will be loved.

Love Val

Shiksa said...

That was a nice post. I loved the pictures too. It's fun to be back reading your blog. :)

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