Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A tough week

This week has been a tough one. Earlier in the week, Nico's bunny at her Mom's house died after a few days of not feeling well.

On Sunday, Kaya's beloved cat came home and looked a bit off. As Monday passed, Sunny seemed to be having a hard time breathing and wasn't eating. Tuesday morning, I made an appointment to have him seen at the vet. The earliest they could see him was 3:50, so we cared for him all day but he just got sicker and sicker. About 20 minutes before we were set to leave for the vet, he suddenly started having convulsions. I shooed Kaya out of the room but not before she saw and heard his distress and his loss of bladder control. She ran upstairs and Sunny died less than a minute later. :(

Out sweet and tender hearted Kaya is devastated. She sobbed so hard and long yesterday that there was a continual lump in my throat and ache in my heart. She can't seem to get those last images out of her mind and if you have a minute to spare, any prayers would be appreciated.


StacysBraces said...

Done. Sorry for the rough week, Sissy... give Miss Kaya a big hug from us and I'll give her one myself when we see ya next, soon I think? Musta been hard on your too, hope rest of week goes better for everyone. xo

Jen said...

praying for sweet Kaya! And for you too!

Val in the Rose Garden said...

It is so hard to loose a beloved pet. Poor sweet Kaya! I will light a candle for her right now.


Kristena Haslam said...

Hey there Meesh,
I got your message on my old email I rarely check these days.

Good to hear from you and hope life gets sweeter despite the pain going on this week with loves ones.

Love to you,

Robin said...

Glad you are doing well. So sorry to hear about the loss of your pet. Praying you all have a wonderful summer.

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