Friday, March 13, 2009

I did it!

After an hour of trying, I finally remembered my login info! Woohoo! It has been months since I have been online and I really miss all of my online buddies. We are having an issue with the only internet carrier available to us and have no other options for access which is a bummer. While I get to jonesin' for the net, our lives have been blessed in many ways for the lack of internet in the household. I was really spending more time than I would like to admit reading message boards and blogs and my relationships all suffered from it. Since we lost the net, my bonds with my family are stronger and I have also managed to hook up with an AWESOME group of homeschooling Moms locally. What a blessing it has been.

We are all happy and healthy. Things are so much better with our relationship with Nico's Mom and she is back to being with us more. Kaya is just her happy, bouncy self and our "baby" Luna is no longer nursing or wearing diapers. :sniff sniff: Jay cut his dreads off in November and I never realized how much I would love his new do, but he looks as fine as ever. He is working on some cabinet work and is able to be home much of the time, working down in his woodshop. We all love having him home.

I know I owe a few people from Amity's some beadwork and no longer have the contact info for those, so if you are one of those MAmas, please contact me via snail mail or phone (Nancy, Gretchen and Nicole have my info) and I will make sure you get what you have coming to you. My apologies on that but we lost net without much warning and hotmail wiped out my whole inbox.

Anyway, my time at the library is about up and I need to head out. I hope to try to update every once in a while and would really love to keep in touch with my online buddies.

Lots of love,

Michelle and the Wright family


Val in the Rose Garden said...

We were JUST talking about you and wishing you would come back like yesterday Michelle. The Amity Alt Learning board is just not quite the same without you.

So glad to see that all is calming down with Nico and such. That is a blessing.

Love Val

PS So GOOD to see you!

Gretchen said...

I miss you so much, mama!
I'm glad to hear y'all are doing so well.

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