Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dreary Afternoon Update

Well, it has been over a week since I have updated. It has been sort of a stressful few weeks with transportation issues, a sick kitten to tend to and some serious things going on with our oldest and her bio-mom. There has been some good mixed in with the bad, though.

On Saturday we went over to my sister's house for some fun in the pool and so that Luna could open her birthday presents from Grandma. She got a big barn playset with animals and tractors and little people and she loves it! She also liked playing in the pool with the exception of the big, black innertube my nephews were playing on. For some reason, she was scared of that and didn't seem to want it anywhere near her.

Luna has spent a lot of time this week, wrapped up in playing with the farm set and a little house and Calico Critters that one of my online friends sent to her.
We were able to get to the playground this week and it was a lovely day. Since my car was wrecked, the girls have been going through major playground withdrawl. In fact, a few times, Luna has been talking in her sleep about "paygownds" and they have been what she talks about when first waking in the morning.
Not too many of these old spinny things left in nearby playgrounds, but the girls love riding. As for myself, I got on and realized that my inner ear must not be what it used to be. I was about ready to fall over after a few revolutions and had to hop off.
Here's a few videos from this last week. First off, I was cracking up when I peeked out of the sunroom widows and found the girls all singing into sunflowers. The sounds quality isn't the best, but Luna was extremely enthusiastic with her singing.


And this morning, I couldn't help but laugh and grab the camera as Luna was reading.

Now, for today's run-down:
  • Outside of my window... it is in the 50's, drizzling rain and cloudy skies and more trees are showing flashy orange leaves.
  • In the kitchen... I am about to brew a cup of coffee now that Luna is down for a nap. On the stove there is a pan of peaches simmering in a syrup and it smells really good. We'll have the syrup and peaches over pancakes tonight or in the morning.
  • I am hearing... cloth diapers in the dryer, Kaya watching Between the Lions, kittens running amok and the bubbling of the peaches.
  • I am looking forward to... getting a call from the parents of one of Kaya's little friends to see if she can come over for a sleep over.
  • I am worried about... Nico and her current struggles she is going through.
  • I am happy about... Kaya's excitment with the 2nd grade workbooks she's started and her advances in writing skills.
  • Today's plans... to finish up some laundry, list some more things on Craigsling and hopefully sell what we've already listed, play Memory with Kaya and help her organize her room a bit and wash the kitchen and dining room floors.


gwnio said...

It looks like Luna had a lovely birthday!

I've tagged you btw!

by Val said...

That sunflower video is pretty much the cutest thing I have ever seen. LOL! The sunflower she was at was the perfect 2 yr old singing hight. :)


szarek4 said...

I miss your updates, hope everything is okay. Your girls are beautiful.

annie77 said...

I really miss your blog -- it is so lovely and inspiring in today's chaotic world. PLEASE let us know if everything is all right with you and your beautiful family.

szarek4 said...

I miss seeing you and your beautiful girls.

Val in the Rose Garden said...

I miss you too. How are you doing Meeshi?


Growing in the Green said...

Sweetie, been thinking of you. Hoping good things are happening out there.
love you mucho

Michelle said...

I can't seem to update my blog but we are all doing well and ready for spring! We don't have internet and it may be a while before we get back online. I rarely can get online here at the library, but managed to score a computer today! I miss my online buddies so much! I couldn't log on to amity's because I can't remember which passowrd I used there! :( Please drop me a line or call if you're looking to touch base. 585-752-0378 or 3239 Fling Hill Rd. NAples NY 14512
Love to all!!

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