Friday, July 25, 2008

Weekly Update

I haven't updated this week, I have been busy with beadwork and chasing after Luna Blue. With the weather this last week being so rainy, she has been feeling rather cooped up and in turn, into *everything* she can. We've had rain, storms, hail and power outages this week. After the rains pass, all heck breaks loose in our yard and the birds start swooping, singing and making a general racket outside. The fledgling Orioles seem to like to come down and suck water off of any blankets or towels that got left out on the deck.
Some of these neat flowers managed to bloom despite the lack of sun. They remind me of fireworks.

I have been doing pretty good at selling and trading over on Etsy. (You can link to my Etsy shop over on the left hand side of this blog.) The money coming in really helps with gas and groceries and the trading makes going out to the mailbox a bit more fun. Here are some things I've traded for in the last few weeks.

From I got a lovely handmade Lambkins named Argylia Brooklins. She is a gift for Luna's birthday and she has the nicest, sweetest face with all-knowing eyes.
From I got a sweet print of a Lunar Moth.
From I got an assortment of hair bows for the girls.
And from I am expecting a sweet felt wallet to arrive tomorrow.


Janyce said...

Thanks for showing my sunrise wallet on your blog. Much appreciated! I traded it for one of Michelle's beautifully crafted rainbow-colored mandala ornaments. Love it! Cheers--Janyce

Lauren said...

Lovely photos. The fireworks-looking-flowers are Bee Balm. I have a bunch in different colors - it's lovely and very hardy.

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