Thursday, July 10, 2008

Rest in Peace, Little Subaru

Last night, Jay and Kaya hit a deer in my Subaru. I am so glad that they are ok but I am majorly bummed to now be without a car. I just got Kaya signed up for free swim lessons and Vacation Bible School which will now have to be cancelled. Jay will look today, but I am pretty sure the car is done. The hood is all curled up, the grill is smashed and a light is blown. Bummin'.


StacysBraces said...

Oh NO! :( So long you were without wheels and then to have that happen! Make sure to let me know if you need a ride for something tho ok? Can't do daily trips lol but I'm pretty free esp during the day and any excuse to get over and see ya! Cross my fingers that maybe the news won't be as bad as ya thought in the meantime tho... *hugz*

rocknrollmcmama said...

aww, that's too bad.

szarek4 said...

I'm sorry :-(

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