Friday, July 18, 2008

Kitty Midwife

Pepper had her kittens today. Sometime mid-afternoon, she came up to me acting insistant and leading me to the closet. I laid out an old blanket and sat with her because it was obvious something was happening. Within 10 minutes, she started having intense contractions and leaked some fluid. She had contractions for quite a while but seemed confused and anxious, not really pushing. At one point, I looked to see a little tail and back foot coming out with the contractions but going back in afterwards. It stayed like this for several contractions and I began to get worried about the length of time the baby kitten was in the birth canal. With the next set of contractions, I put my hand up to her back foot and she really started using it for leverage. A few pushed later and the first baby was born. Kaya and Luna were amazed, to say the least. Though Kaya gagged when it was placenta eating time.

When it was ready to birth the third kitten, I put my hand against Peppers foot and started up the camera. I haven't seen kittens being born before but was amazed at how fast kitty #3 popped out. Yes, it literally popped right out. Check the video. (Though, I wanr you, it is as graphic as real birth can be.) video

Five kittens in all and poor Pepper is just exhausted. 4 look like her, white and dark tiger and one appears to be all dark tiger. they are in the bedroom nursing as Pepper purrs and sleeps and tries to recover.

Yes, we are now officially crazy cat people with too many cats. We still have the rescued 5 and now these new ones. Ai yi yi. We are trying like heck to find homes for all of these cuties, so if you're reading and you're local, give me a shout if you'd want to take one!


Gretchen said...

Can you imagine trying to birth #s 2, 3, 4 and 5 with #s 1, 2, 3, and 4 already latching on? Yikes. Animals are amazing!
Thanks for sharing.

Hansen Family said...

I was thinking how amazing of a mom pepper is with the other littles already nursing! Just perfect! Thanks for sharing!~

StacysBraces said...

LOL @ Crazy Cat People... Joel is just reading this and looking at me and shaking my head before i even say anything! I had no idea you were expecting other kittens either, I missed that part! The kids will like watching this video when they get back, but hope everyone is doing well over there, animal and human-wise, hehe...

Val said...

I missed that you were expecting other kitties too. lol... but wow, I am with gretchen. Animals are amazing!

Congrats crazy cat lady. ;)



saraloveseric said...

awww. Good job Pepper

gwnio said...

LOL! You could do what we did & keep the litters... we now have 17 cats because of it!!

Indi's~Mama (Sara)

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