Sunday, July 27, 2008

Friday, July 25, 2008

Weekly Update

I haven't updated this week, I have been busy with beadwork and chasing after Luna Blue. With the weather this last week being so rainy, she has been feeling rather cooped up and in turn, into *everything* she can. We've had rain, storms, hail and power outages this week. After the rains pass, all heck breaks loose in our yard and the birds start swooping, singing and making a general racket outside. The fledgling Orioles seem to like to come down and suck water off of any blankets or towels that got left out on the deck.
Some of these neat flowers managed to bloom despite the lack of sun. They remind me of fireworks.

I have been doing pretty good at selling and trading over on Etsy. (You can link to my Etsy shop over on the left hand side of this blog.) The money coming in really helps with gas and groceries and the trading makes going out to the mailbox a bit more fun. Here are some things I've traded for in the last few weeks.

From I got a lovely handmade Lambkins named Argylia Brooklins. She is a gift for Luna's birthday and she has the nicest, sweetest face with all-knowing eyes.
From I got a sweet print of a Lunar Moth.
From I got an assortment of hair bows for the girls.
And from I am expecting a sweet felt wallet to arrive tomorrow.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Kitty Midwife

Pepper had her kittens today. Sometime mid-afternoon, she came up to me acting insistant and leading me to the closet. I laid out an old blanket and sat with her because it was obvious something was happening. Within 10 minutes, she started having intense contractions and leaked some fluid. She had contractions for quite a while but seemed confused and anxious, not really pushing. At one point, I looked to see a little tail and back foot coming out with the contractions but going back in afterwards. It stayed like this for several contractions and I began to get worried about the length of time the baby kitten was in the birth canal. With the next set of contractions, I put my hand up to her back foot and she really started using it for leverage. A few pushed later and the first baby was born. Kaya and Luna were amazed, to say the least. Though Kaya gagged when it was placenta eating time.

When it was ready to birth the third kitten, I put my hand against Peppers foot and started up the camera. I haven't seen kittens being born before but was amazed at how fast kitty #3 popped out. Yes, it literally popped right out. Check the video. (Though, I wanr you, it is as graphic as real birth can be.) video

Five kittens in all and poor Pepper is just exhausted. 4 look like her, white and dark tiger and one appears to be all dark tiger. they are in the bedroom nursing as Pepper purrs and sleeps and tries to recover.

Yes, we are now officially crazy cat people with too many cats. We still have the rescued 5 and now these new ones. Ai yi yi. We are trying like heck to find homes for all of these cuties, so if you're reading and you're local, give me a shout if you'd want to take one!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Cannon baaaaalllllll!

Jay just started work at a cottage on Keuka Lake and he took his Harley in this morning. The girls and I were able to use the truck and run down there to visit him and play on the beach. Jay has been really busy lately and we all really miss him so it was nice to be able to spend some time with him and see him in his element.

We took advantage of the beachfront and Luna and Kaya loved playing in the waves and looking for beach glass and pretty rocks. I collect beach glass and we found a LOT there today. We usually go to public beaches that are picked over, but being a private spot, there was a lot to find. I may get back into making wire-wrapped beach glass necklaces like I used to make years and years ago.Kaya is not a very experienced swimmer, but with her trusty inner tube, she had no second thoughts about swimming all of the way out to the floating raft. After I took this pic, I put Luna in her inflatable boat and swam out there two. Kaya was impressed with my cannonball abilities. :lol: She also liked my backwards diving. It was relaxing to just float and laugh, the water was so warm.

Monday, July 14, 2008

She's Moving on Up!

I completed Kaya's First Grade report and sent it in along with her Year End Assessment and Letter of Intent to home school again next year. So, as I told her, she's officially a second grader now! Hard to believe it! I am working on her Individualized Home Instruction Plan for 2nd grade now, picking and choosing the topics I feel she might be interested in next year.

My Etsy shop did pretty good last week, but so far no sales at all this week. I haven't done any beadwork in a few days because allergies were giving me headaches and a feeling of dizziness. I've been told that people do better on Etsy when they list new items frequently, so I had better get back to it. I've done pretty good with trades, though. I traded for a really nice Luna Moth print, a tee for LB that says "La Luna" and has a moon on it and also joined a few swaps on my mothering board. For those swaps, I was sent HUGE boxes full of amazing goodies, mostly clothes for Kaya and Luna. Good mail makes those kind of crummy days seem better.

I'm trying not to let the death of my car get me down, but it is hard. I feel as if we've lost our freedom even though we've been cutting down on travels with the price of gas. We did really enjoy impromptu trips down to the beach, only 9 miles away. I keep having to remind myself that maybe, just maybe, the car accident happened to prevent us from getting in an even worse one later on.

Jay has been very busy finishing up one job and hopping right onto another. In the last week, I think I've seen him all of 6 hours and that has been hard, too. He is working so hard that I worry about him getting burnt out and I hope he can take a break or a day off soon.

I'm keeping the Faith, though. Times get tough, I find myself getting down, but I know that I am not alone in this. If He leads you to it, He'll lead you through it, right?

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Rest in Peace, Little Subaru

Last night, Jay and Kaya hit a deer in my Subaru. I am so glad that they are ok but I am majorly bummed to now be without a car. I just got Kaya signed up for free swim lessons and Vacation Bible School which will now have to be cancelled. Jay will look today, but I am pretty sure the car is done. The hood is all curled up, the grill is smashed and a light is blown. Bummin'.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Amazing Treat This Morning!!

I am a self-titled Bird Nerd. For years, I have been very interested in watching and identifying birds we've seen locally. This morning, as we were headed to a beach on Canandaigua Lake, we were heading north on Rt. 245 and I spotted what I first thought was a huge hawk soaring through the valley. As it got closer, I got goosbumps when I realized it was a HUGE Bald Eagle. As we drove past it, I could see how enormous the wingspan was and the bright white head and yellow beak shone in the sun. If I wasn't being tailgated at the time, I would have stopped and tried to watch it or snap some pics.

While Bald Eagles are not all that common in this area of NY, I have heard about them being spotted locally. Jay has seen them a few times, but it was the first time that the girls and I got to see one. They are marvelous and magnificent birds. I feel blessed to have seen it and hope that I see another soon!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Random Thoughts on This Thursday

First of all, I am feeling ever-so thankful for answered prayers. Nico's mom has decided to make some compromises with Nico's time with us and has given us extra days to spend with Nico for the month of July. This weekend, she will not have to leave of Sunday afternoon but can stay until Tuesday! We are going to take it month by month, but it looks as if we will have more than just the 3 weekends per month and that is a beautiful things. I cannot quite place my finger on what it is that has changed her Mom's mind, all that I can think is that it is the many prayers we have sent up, along with our Church family and many online friends. Being able to break the grip that bitterness had on my heart is wonderful and I look forward to some extra time with our girlie.

On the other side of the spectrum, I am feeling sadness that our kittens are about old enough to be finding them adoptive homes. There were many people who expressed interest when we first found them but now have changed their minds. We are hesitant to pass them off to strangers for many reasons ~ not knowing how they will care for them, if they have children who would maul them, or if they are even legitimate pet owners. We've heard of people who pose as animal lovers looking for a family pet, who will take the animals to research labs near the city for a small reimbursement. These babies are so sweet, loving and playful We just love them and know their personalities. The four babies sleep on or around Kaya every night and I know she is going to be crushed when they leave. I was hoping it could be made easier by giving them to friends who would be able to update us or let Kaya visit every once in a while. So, I am stalling on making posters, hoping to find homes with people we know.

In other news, I had my first sale in my Etsy shop ( ), which made me happy. I also sold a Four Seasons Mandala Set on my message board today. This year, I hope to be able to focus on Christmas Tree Ornaments in the months before the holidays, I totally missed that market last year. We got our Paypal debit card last week, so I can use funds in Paypal right at the store, which is so handy. I am crossing my fingers for more sales here in the next few days.

Tomorrow, weather permitting, we will be picking up Nico at the Farm Sanctuary's annual 4th of July Pignic, in Watkinds Glen. They have free farm tours, games and activities for the kids and a free vegan picnic with foods donated by several big companies like Boca and Robert's American. Free fun and free food, it sounds like my kind of party. Plus, I love a picnic where I don't have to resort to just eating buns and chips. :lol:

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Windy Wednesday

We had a fun morning and early afternoon at our favorite beach. While the water was warm, there was a brisk wind that was making it wavy and chilling us after getting out of the water. We are so happy to live so close to the beach and I try to make sure we come down at least once a week during the Summer. We were lucky enough to meet up there with our good friends and also meet their super-cute new puppy.

I wonder if one of my faithful readers will recognize this cute little cover up. It was made for Kaya many years ago and now it is passed on to little sis.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I'm a Beading Fool!

I am needing to take a break, I have been working on beadwork like crazy this week and it is starting to wear on me a bit. I have been filling orders, making things for trading and swaps as well as trying to get my new Etsy shop stocked with a variety of goods. I am hopeful that I can eventually get a steady flow of business from Etsy, once I get my name out there and fill up my shop. I love bartering for things, trading my beadwork for soap and other handmade goodies. I also love being able to earn money for groceries and gas. But, I am going to take at least 24 hours and step away from the beads. I realized that I am continually shooing my girls away when I am working on the mandalas because it requires my concentration and also because one misplaced elbow or little hand can spread my supplies far and wide.

Tomorrow morning, I hope to take the girls to the beach for a bit. Not only is it a lot of fun for them, it is also quite refreshing for me! We can reconnect and I can take a few minutes to breathe deep and forget the mundane household tasks and chores.

Check out my Etsy shop if you get a chance, and tell me what you think!