Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Truly Wonderful Day!

Yesterday, we took the girls to an amusement park up near Rochester called Seabreeze. It was pretty much the perfect day, in so many ways. Due to the Rochester area schools still being in session, the park was relatively empty. We didn't have to wait more than 10 minutes for any rides, and for many rides, there was no wait at all. The weather man called for chance of scattered showers, but we had nothing but blue skies and sun. It was the perfect temperature, not too hot at all but hot enough for Nico and Kaya to spend some time at the water attractions. We were there from the time the park opened at 11am and stayed until the last ride at 10pm. Jay and I thought it was so cool that the girls rode the same kiddie rides that we did as children. Last year, Luna wasn't walking yet so she could only ride the carousel and train. This year she was able to ride on all of the kiddie rides and she LOVED them. She went on the little cars at least 20 times. She also learned how to say "again" and "now" while we were there. "Cars again, Mama?" "More horsies now, Dada?" The teacups were a bit too spinny for her so she was saying "Pups with Dada, whooooa!"

I promise, she did have fun on the rides, she was just sort of spacey at times with all of the stimulation and so many things to see and hear.

Nico and Kaya loved the little wooden rollercoaster called The Bobsleds. They were a favorite of mine when I was younger and I still love them!

Nico is a big fan of the Jackrabbit, which is (I believe) the second oldest working rollercoaster in the U.S.


Infinite Cosmos said...

OMG! Seabreeze! Those are some great pics. the girls all look so happy! I LOVED seabreeze so much as a kid. I would love to go back someday. The bobsleds!! The jackrabbit!! So fun!

Katie said...

What fun! I loved Seabreeze while I was growing up....can't wait for our little one to be old enough to go.
Have a happy summer!!

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