Friday, June 13, 2008


You know it is a good day when you get visited by a Hooker. ;) No, I don't mean one of *those* Hookers. My friend, Branwyn, of The Mad Hooker, sent me a lovely surprise package that was waiting in the mail for us today. She Made this lovely crocheted jester hat for Luna that also came with a doll sized version. It is hard to tell because my model is so quick, but there are these adorable tassles on the sides that really make the hat. Soooo cute! Branwyn also included a handmade dolly blanket with appliqued hearts and hands in the ASL formation for "I love you" and the words "All You Need is Love" embroidered on it. Just an amazing gift. These items will be treasured, for sure. Thank you so much, Branwyn!! During dinner, we had quite the downpour and the girls wanted to go out when they were done eating. The driveway has a few puddles and at first they girls just threw rocks into them and pretended to fish.
Then, Luna kept saying, "Get muddy, Mama?? In, Mama?" and I finally relented to the fact that kids are washable after all.

As I type, the girls are all out there, barefoot and covered in mud.


Becka said...

My kids would be beyond jealous. I keep meaning to let them have a mud day, but then when it comes down to it, I imagine all that mud coming back into a house I am trying to sell.

Hmmmm. I should wash them off outside. With a hose.

Nicole said...

I remember playing in the puddles as a kid. I loved it! Now I really don't like to get dirty. :)

gwnio said...

You have got the sweetest girls!
Remind me to 'let' Indi have mud days when he's older, it's easy to forget that they're washable ;)

Hansen Family said...

I LOVE mud days and puddle days and I truly love the jester hat!!!

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