Monday, June 2, 2008

Not Suitable for the Snake-Squeamish

Consider this fair warning, if you do not like snakes, you might want to scroll by this post as quick as you can.

I just went out to check some clothes I had hanging on the line. I noticed two of our cats were prowling around, but I didn't see anything out of the ordinary. Then I heard something move right next to my foot and looked down to see a 3 + foot long Eastern Milk Snake. I ran in to get my camera so I could snap a few pics to make it easier to identify if he slithered away. The way he was shaking his tail made me think for a minute that it might be a juvenile Rattlesnake or something. Thanks to high-speed internet and Google, it only took a minute to discover that it is a non-poisonous snake.
I am not really afraid of snakes, I've had them as pets, but I wasn't too keen on the look this guy gave me when I tried to move him along with a stick. Then, at one point, I came outside to see one of our cats harassing the poor thing and it then proceeded to climb up in a small sapling. He's still there now. Not sure on how he plans to get down, but I am not going to be helping him out.

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szarek4 said...

Yes, those markings are identical to the itty bitty milk snakes I've seen over the years. Must be the babies start out red and then darken to brown as they get older.

I'm not sure I would have been as brave as you! I do not like snakes.


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