Monday, June 9, 2008

Monday Run-Down

Cooling off. The "say cheese" face.

  • Outside My Window...I am hearing the song of the goldfinches and the slight breeze as it blows through the trees. I see hummingbirds zipping back and forth to the feeders.

  • I am thinking...that I may want a cup of coffee before heading out for gymnastics.

  • I am thankful easy it has been for Jay to give up cigarettes so far. He hasn't been aggitated in the least, what a blessing!

  • From the kitchen...I don't plan to do any cooking today because it is hot. I will give the girls a cold plate of carrots, cauliflower, grape tomatoes and cheese before we head out in a couple of hours.

  • I am wearing...a brown tanktop, cargo capris and brown crocs. I will change to a wrap skirt before we go.

  • I am reading...a few different books on homeschooling.

  • Around the house...Kaya and Luna are excited about the prospect of going to Aunt Stacy and Uncle Joel's house after the gym. The pool is open and somewhat warm and the swim bag is packed. Luna should go down for a nap here in a few minutes if she is going to get a good rest before we go.

  • One of my favorite things from a sweet text message from Jay.

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StacysBraces said...

Aww FOILED again, drats! The dreaded puke bug rears its ugle head AGAIN?? Ya were gonna smuggle one of those lil fur-babies in the swim bag, weren't ya?? :P

Not tonight then, but see you guys real soon! And kinda warm, yeah the kids say its even Stacy/Mom warm which means very very close to 90 lol! Wuss I am but ahhh it feels so good!

Soon sissy! :)

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