Monday, June 2, 2008

A Little Monday Morning Cuteness

I took a little video this morning of Luna playing with her Calico Critters. I just love watching her as she gets drawn into a world of make-believe and pretend. She tends to make these cute little voices when she plays and she will set the animals up and count them and name them. video

Today is sunny and looks like it will be nice and warm. Mondays tend to be a bit hard on Kaya, adjusting to life without her big sister. Especially when Nico will be gone for 12 days in a row. I need to work a bit harder to keep Kaya active and distracted, so after she does a little learning this morning, I hope we can head out for a nice walk. Gymnastics is also this afternoon and if the weather holds out, I may take the girls to a playground before class. With the rising price of gas and food tapping our budget, we haven't been making those impromptu runs to local playgrounds when the mood strikes us. Now, I am only leaving the house once or twice during the week and lumping as many errands together as I can.

On a sad note, our little window-tapping Chickadee is no longer. :( Somehow the little guy must have gotten in an open window when we were gone and I came home to the crime scene. Feathers everywhere and a dead little Chickadee in the bedroom. I held out hope that perhaps it was just a random bird and not the friendly little buddy who would tap-tap-tap on our windows every day. Unfortunately, the windows have been quiet ever since. I am sad about that.

On a positive note, little Serenity is now back home. You can see updates to her journey with battling Leukemia at

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Val said...

Logan just watched that whole 2:31 video completely entranced. He watched, and then would point, and then watch some more. It was SO cute! I love how babies love to watch babies. :)


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