Monday, June 23, 2008

I'm a Mrs.!!

Our wedding on Saturday was a wonderful and fulfilling day. We were joined by some of our closest friends and family as well as some members of our small church. The girls were brimming with excitement, wearing fancy dresses and carrying bouquets of flowers brought by their Grandma Rita and Grandpa John. As the processional music started and we lined up to walk to the front of the church, Luna Blue decided quite suddenly that she'd rather play with a wooden burger and carrot. Thankfully, at the last second, she cooperated and walked down the aisle, stealing the show and taking the pressure off of my Mom and I as we made our way in.

I had to laugh because Jay was cool as a cucumber, right up until we were in front of the church. At that point, I was no longer nervous but he was trembling and rubbing my hand with his thumb so much that I just about lost feeling in one spot and thought I might lose some skin as well.

The ceremony was really nice. We had music thanks to our friend who is a guitarist, and a girl from our church who is just 14 and has the voice of an angel. I choked up a bit when it came time for me to say the vows, but managed to make it through. Like many told me, it seemed surreal to be actually doing it. It was amazing to kiss my husband at the end of the ceremony. My husband. :)

Directly following the ceremony, Jay took a few minutes to give our testimony about our journey in Faith and how we came to praise God. It was a really nice way to end everything. And then we all gathered for snacks and a yummy cake brought by my Mom.

I actually didn't get any pics of the day besides the one at the end of my girls TOTALLY crashed out on the way back home. My Mom's camera was on a strange setting and all of the pics she took came out blurry, but I heard a lot of cameras snapping as Jay and I had our first kiss as husband and wife so I imagine we will have a few pictures to share soon.

Once we left the church, we came home and spent the afternoon with some of our good friends and their beautiful children.

Jay and I are still getting used to wearing rings all of the time, but we're amazed at how different our relationship feels after taking this step that we once throught was SO unnecessary.


StacysBraces said...

Whoohoo congrats again! :) It was a beautiful ceremony and day... I just sent ya my one, non-blurry pic I got of you guys with the first kiss as Mr & Mrs. turned out nice!

gwnio said...

Congratulations! I'm so glad your day was as wonderful as you deserve!


maudlin~*~maudlin said...

I just came across your blog and enjoyed reading about you and your family. Congratulations on getting married!! I love the pic of your sleepy girls at the end :)

Mandakini/Margaret said...

Congratulations Meeshi!!!! So happy for you and your family. That picture of the girls sleeping is precious~


maudlin~*~maudlin said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog! You know, I can't think of how I came across you..I think it was on someone else's blog list..Well, glad I did as you're a very interesting read :)

Herbs~Art~Family~Love said...

I am so happy for you Michelle. Hearing your joy in this process is beautiful.
Love ya

Suzi said...

absolutely beautiful Michelle!! Congratulations to both of you again. I love the picture of the girl's sleeping in the backseat :)

Suzi (from amitys)

elsie said...

Yay! Michelle, what a wonderful telling of your wedding day- I love it! You guys look just blissful in that picture :)


Laura (elsie)

Heather said...

Sweet picture and what a great retelling. Beautiful.

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