Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

I was tagged by my friend, Val, who writes the blog Hobbies of a Domestic Goddess. The subject of the tagging is to write 10 reasons why you blog. For me, it would be a stretch to come up with ten reasons, but I will share what I have come up with.
  • Mainly, I blog because I am horrible in keeping up with personal emails and phone calls. I don't get a ton of free, uninterrupted time throughout my days. So, in order to keep friends and family up to date with stories, thoughts and pictures, I figured that keeping a blog would be the best way to go.
  • I like to look back through my own blog and remember the highs and lows of those documented days.
  • I like the idea that I may have informed or inspired others when they read about our homeschooling adventures or alternative lifestyle choices.
  • I like to read other blogs to keep up with my friends and to learn more about subjects I am interested in.

See, I didn't think I would come up with ten, but those that the reasons why I (try to) keep up with our blog.

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Herbs~Art~Family~Love said...

That silly mama tagged me too:)

Things seem good your way-love the new pic for your blog looking through the tree that way.

And the granola recipe was fabulous!

Love ya

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