Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Great Day for Some Painting!

Kaya decided that today was a great day for some painting. She wanted to use the watercolors that Grandma got her. (Thanks, Grandma!!!) I wasn't wanting to have to get Luna into play clothes or run a bath for her this afternoon, so I set her up with the "painting" technique I came up with when Kaya was a toddler. I let her choose some construction paper, put a little bit of water in a bowl and gave her two Q-tips. This is a great, virtually mess-free way for the little ones to practice painting. It is also neat to watch as their artwork disappears when the paper dries. You can use the same sheet of paper over and over again. I thought it was so cute how Luna Blue stuck her tongue out when she painted.

Here are Kaya's two paintings. The first one was using a Waldorf-inspired "wet on wet" technique. If you wet the paper before you start, the colors bleed and blend in interesting ways.

I also have to share my "Cheap Thrills" moment from yesterday. My poor, old Birkestocks were on their last days. The foodbed was all cracked and ripped, the toes were starting to flip and flop when I walked and it was sort of embarassing. I was trying to hold off on buying new shoes right now, but the time was nearing. Yesterday, I had to drop off a bag of outgrown clothes at the little, tiny Thrift Store in town. I don't usually check there often because I haven't had great luck there in the past. But, Nico was needing some pants and I decided to go in. Lo and Behold, I found a brand new pair of Birkenstocks, not even the tiniest scuff mark on the soles or any signs of wear and in MY size! Whoot!! I also found two pairs of jeans for Nico. Total purchase price ~ $1.00!!! :happy dance: Score!!

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Val said...

SCORE! That is wonderful Michelle! And your dd's sure can paint. Cyan would love that, but I am not a paint type mama. lol... I like drawing. It is less messy. Your children are blessed. ;)


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