Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Eight Years Ago Today

Eight years ago today, I was at a music festival selling costume wings with my best gal pal, Jessica. I had noticed a dreadlocked hottie who was with my drum-making friend, David. They also had a booth and were selling drums and blown glass. I was instantly drawn to him, but feeling a bit shy and overwhelmed with the butterflies I was getting in my stomach when I was around him. Thankfully, Jess served as a go-between and told me that he was interested in me. I sucked it up and calmed myself enough to go and talk to him. Wow, talk about electricity. Even just standing next to him, the voltage that ran through me was incredible. We were pretty much inseperable from that moment on. Later in the day, I was introduced to his chubby little toddler, Nico Sage. She was such a cutie, dancing to the music and loving on her Daddy. That night, Jay and I went back to the campsite and had some good laughs and drinks by the fire. Even though he totally melted my sneakers (while trying to be a gentleman and dry them off as it had rained that day) I still was falling for him. Hard.

The strongest memory I have from that weekend is that it was overcast and rainy. Though, as soon as we were side by side the world seemed to brighten. I remember that the first few times I experienced it, I thought to myself, "Sweet! The sun is going to come out!" but when I looked up it was still grey and cloudy. It was just something about being in Jay's company that brightened everything around me.

Eight years later, I am so thankful for the fact that our paths crossed. I can honestly say that each year that we are together gets better and better and I am looking forward to a lifetime with the man I adore. Happy Anniversary, Jay!


Val said...

That was so sweet Michelle. I have been going over and over in my head what to write for our anniversery as it was just last week... your words warmed me. I feel so blessed to know that others have relationships like mine. I really never believed they even exsisted! Have a beautiful anniversery!

Many Blessings,


PS Tag! Your it. ;)


Gretchen said...

Awwww...that's so sweet!

Angelina said...

That is so crazy! You might have told us about the date of your meeting before, but I didn't realize. That is the exact date of our wedding! We were getting married the day you guys met. I will never forget the dreary weather that day either,but what a wonderful day...Happy anniversary!

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