Saturday, April 19, 2008

Just a Few Pictures and a Video

I'm just pulling a few things off of my digital camera while the girls are showering and getting ready for bed. It is SO nice to spend time outside, enjoying our property. We really lucked out with this house and land. It is soothing my soul to be out in the fresh air, listening as the birds break out their courting songs. If they could, my older girls would spend a majority of their time out and about. Today they made mudpies, walked down the trails, played in the woods, collected water from the gullies, brought sticks to the brush fire, rode their little, red wagon down the driveway and laughed the day away. Luna is mastering walking up and down all sorts of terrain. Her poor little legs are scraped and bruised from falling, but she is getting more agile and sleeping like a log when her little body finally decides to wind down.



Herbs~Art~Family~Love said...

YAY...the girls are all together this weekend. How fun.

Val said...

Your forsithia is just stunning! It is amazing that you are so far away and we have all the same flowers right now. But I had SNOW on saturday. Snow... on April 19th. I am still geeking out about it. lol...

Looks like a beautiful weekend... and of course, Luna is stunning as always. :)


willowluna said...

I love the pictures of your little one in the woods!

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