Thursday, April 3, 2008

Bright, Little Beacons of Spring

Ahhh, what an uplifting sight! They just make me smile every time I look at them. :)
Spring is finally springing around our area and I love the anticipation of knowing that everything is getting ready to bloom and bud. I know that there were a lot of great flowers around out house when we first came to see it late last July, but I have no clue if there are any spring flowers hiding in the beds. The day is supposed to be a beautiful one ~ bright and sunny and somewhat warm. I told the girls that we could stop by and see Dad at work and go to the playground, so it is an exciting day.
A few people have contacted me about my coupon campaign, so I thought I had better do a little more explaining of how I did it. I just want to mention, though, that I think I may have lucked out by being the first in a wave of coupon requests and it sounds like I made out a bit better than those who did it after me.
Anyway, I first thought of all of the companies I like to buy from on a regular basis and then I went to our local grocery store website (I shop at Wegmans, mostly) and searched the products in their Nature's Marketplace section. Once I had a list of companies compiled, I sat down with a cup of coffee and Googled them one by one. Generally, the first hit that would come up when Googling would be the company website and most times, the "Contact Us" form was directly linked. If it wasn't, I would go to the website and they would be easy to find.
Then I would just type out a very simple letter and include my address. Something like this: "I have seen your products in the stores and would like to try them. If you ever give out coupons or samples, could you please send some my way? Thank you." Or in other cases something like this: "My family and I love your products and buy them regularly. I would love some coupons if you ever have some available. Thank you."
I do have a partial list of companies I contacted: (If I can remember the coupons they sent, I will add that info)
Robert's American (40 cent off coupons), Amy's kitchen (3 Free product coupons and several $1 and 55 cent off), Snikiddy (Free box of sample snack packs), Hansen's Juice (55 cent off coupons), Clif bars (1 Free product and $1 off), Kashi, Silk, Garden of Eatin', Quorn (several 55 cent off), Exekiel Bread, Cascadian Farms (several 50 cent off), Woodstock Farms, Gardenburger, Lifestream Waffles, Cedarlane (several $1 off), Alexia (2 55 cents off), Rice Dream (a few 55 cents off), Turtle Island, Tofurkey (about a dozen 55 cents off). Alvarado St. Bakery, Organic Baby, Stacy's Pita Chips (several 75 cents off), Lundberg Rice Chips (several 75 cents off), Barbara's Bakery (one free product and several 50 cents off), Annies Naturals, Muir Glen, Nature's Path, Odwalla (one free product and 2 99 cents off), Simply Organic, Westbrae, Bob;s Red Mill, Fruitabu (several Free product coupons), Simple Green (2 small sample bottles and a $2 off coupon), Dr. Oetkers, Ecover (several $1 off), Ecos, Newman's Own (3 free product coupons). I know there were a few more but I am drawing a blank and my girlies need me. I hope this helps some of you!


Val said...

Thank you Meesh. This does really help. I hope you are not right about them becoming resistant to the coupon questions though... lol...

Have a great day!


Mandakini/Margaret said...

Yay crocuses!! Glad to see that spring has sprung up there as well.

I think you may be right about the coupons. Amy's sent me only $1 off coupons and one $0.55 coupon. S'alright though, better than nothing. Most of those things are treats around here anyhow as we generally try to avoid prepared/precooked foods. Thanks for all the tips!

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