Sunday, April 13, 2008

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First and foremost, I'd like to ask for prayers and positive thoughts for my nephew, Lucas, who was rushed to the hospital last night after becoming ill, passing out and turning blue. His father, who was with him, was afraid he was going to lose him. After several tests, we're not sure exactly what happened or why. They think it may have been a seizure of some sort. He is currently being weaned from Paxil and that can sometimes happen as the body comes off of the drug. For those who don't know, Lucas is 14 and Autistic and was taking the meds to help with his aggression and moods. We pray that it was just a one time deal and that he will fully recover and never go through anything like that again. For now, he is home and seems better.
This weekend has been nice, and has helped in healing Kaya. The separation from her older sister has been harder on her than we ever could have imagined. She went her whole life seeing Nico every week, at least half of the time. Last August, her world was flipped upside down as her sister was torn away from her. In the last 3 weeks, Nico has had one 48 hour visit with us and we have watched as Kaya has had intense emotions rush through her. Our bubbly little girl has been emotional, sad, angry, lost and depressed. When we voiced this to Nico's Mom in an effort to plead for her compassion, her answer was, "Don't look to me to fix Kaya." She can't even see that Kaya wouldn't be so broken if it were not for this extreme cut in visits.
So, we have had to take steps to bring more joy to Kaya's days. On Friday we were blessed with a visit from our friends and former neighbors and their beautiful children. On Saturday we spent the day out doing yardwork and Kaya was able to take a ride with our neighbors who were training their new Belgain logging horses. Kaya loves horses and was tickled pick to be able to ride in the cart up and down the driveway and road. Today, we had our friends and their little girls over for most of the day. The giddy laughter of the four girls, two 6 year olds and two toddlers, was such a joyful noise. As an added bonus, the six year old was able to spend the night tonight and Kaya is on cloud nine. They are crafting right now and dressed in tutus and silks and fancy shoes. I am so happy to see Kaya's smile and bubbly spirit again.


Herbs~Art~Family~Love said...

Hey Pumpkin! Had to get up to speed with your life.

Sending love to you via

Val said...

Goodness... Poor sweet Kaya. Cyan goes through that in the summer with Alex gone for 6 wks. She has a hard time... I can just imagine what Kaya is going through and what you are going through with her.

It sounds like your weekend will be a fun one though... girls are so much fun to listen to. I love the sounds that come out of the bedroom when the girls are in there playing.

Many blessings,


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