Monday, March 10, 2008

Updating From Our Weekend

Hmmm, for some reason, Blogger isn't letting me upload the pics of the girlies from this weekend. So, I will show you a project that Jay completed while we were snowed and iced in. He had the shelving material saved from when we moved into our last house. We never worked on the closets of that house like we had hoped, which ended up being a good thing. Our landlord turned out to be a creep and wouldn't have reimburced us for improvements like initially promised. So, now we have one closet finished in our bedroom (there are three in there) for mine and Jay's clothes. Mine go on the left and Jay made three smaller shelves on the bottom that will hold bins or baskets for socks and unmentionables.

Sweet! I am forever thankful to have such a handy partner! Doesn't he do nice work?

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Herbs~Art~Family~Love said...

My carpenter husband has done this for us too...great minds think alike.

I tried to take over both sides

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