Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Awesome! Free Food!

The grocery budget has been tighter these last few weeks, and on a whim I recently searched Google for free coupons for some of the natural foods we like to buy. I came across this site: which had some great tips.

When I had a second, I would go to various websites and find the Contact Us page to leave a comment and my address. In today's mail, there was an envelope from Amy's Kitchen with several coupons enclosed. We got six $1 off any product, five 55 cents off any product and four FREE products! I hope the other companies I contacted send out such great envelopes! This is really going to help stock the cupboards!


Jack's Mom said...

Try Tofutti - they sent me a few, and Nate's - who makes those awesome veg taquitos and mini tacos - They sent me a TON a couple years ago when I wrote to tell them thanks for making such great products. There was a last one I was going to mention and I forgot now. Hm. I'll come back if I remember.

Val said...

That is awsome Meeshi! I am totally going to do that. :)


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