Sunday, February 17, 2008

You Are Getting Sleeeeeepy...


Today, Luna asked me for some blueberries and next thing I knew she was falling asleep in her chair. So cute and silly!

Today's gratitude is for the relief I see in Nico. As if a weight is lifted from her, and she is cheerful and happy. I'm thankful for an extra day with her. Thankful that she grinned ear to ear when I told her that her Mom agreed she can stay a bit longer and come with us to see Kaya's gymnastics. Thankful for steps toward compromise and peace within our family again.

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Val said...

Sweet Luna. Logan hasn't done that yet... although I have a million pictures of Alex doing it. I guess he was my only baby that played hard enough to fall asleep where he stood. ;)

I am so sorry for your custody issues. They are so hard. Esp when she has such a wonderful place to go and be happy with her sisters. She is blessed to have you.


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