Tuesday, February 26, 2008

What a Difference a Day Makes!

Yesterday after lunch, Luna went down for a nap and Kaya and I headed outside to soak up some sorely-missed sun. It barely made it into the 50's but because of the frigid temps we've had recently, it seemed nice and warm out there. We hung out on the deck for a bit and then walked around the yard.

I think the sun and fresh air helped me tremendously, I felt so much better by the time we came in.

Now, flash forward to less than 24 hours later and this afternoon our deck looks like this.
They are predicting anywhere between 6" and 14" of snow over the next two days.

Poor Luna seems to have come down with something. I can't tell exactly what she has, but she has been whiny, clingy and sleepy all day. She doesn't seem congested like I was. She's not running a temperature right now either, though she was warm for most of the day on Saturday. She is miserable, though. If she's not sleeping, she has got to be in my arms or on my hip or else she is whining. Let's hope this is short lived and she is feeling better A.S.A.P.!

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Maryalene said...

February has just been brutal this year - seems like it snows every other day. Glad you guys got to enjoy a little sunshine though! And what a pretty cat!

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