Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sometimes I forget we're weird....

Heh, no really, I don't think we're too strange but every once in a while I get a little nudge of a reminder that we're swimming outside of the mainstream.

We ran down to the library this morning, I had two DVD's on hold that came in. One is a box set of Electric Company which I am sure will give me flashbacks to my childhoodl Haaaaay, yoooooou guuuuuuys! But, I digress... The girls were walking around the library when an older lady gave Luna a sideways glance and said, "Oh my! Quite a tushie on that one!" motioning to our Little Luna Blue.

Now, just like Kaya Jade, Luna is 100% cloth diapered. For both girls, the only time they wore disposable diapers was when we were in the hospital and the first few days of being home. I'm so used to the "junk in the trunk" profile that I don't even really notice anymore.

"Oh," I say. "She wears cloth diapers." And immediately, the woman wrinkles up her nose and tells me, "I didn't think *anyone* used those things anymore! Why, after years of of using flats and plastic pants on my boys, it was a relief to use Pampers on my youngest!"

Now, in my head, I wanted to go on and on about the super soft unbleached prefold diapers I use and cozy wool wraps. I wanted to tell her about the ease, the comfort, how you don't even need to use pins or *gag* plastic pants anymore. But, she was on her way out so I just told her, "Cloth diapers have come along way since then!" and gave her a big smile.

Truth be told, I love using cloth diapers. Love it. When I was pregnant with Kaya in 2001, I started reading up about them and thought that maybe I would use them some of the time. I was worried that they might be a hassle when out and about or that the work involved with washing them would be too much while tending to a young babe. A few things pushed me into using them full time. First of all, when I took out the trash bag a week after Kaya was born and saw just how much waste was created from a week's worth of newborn disposable diapers, I was floored. Floored. Secondly, I realized that I have sensory issues and the texture and funky smell of disposables doesn't agree with me at all.

From that point on, it was cloth for us. The extra load or two of laundry per week is no big deal in the grand scheme of things. And, in fact, I love the process of hanging up a load of prefolds on the line in the warmth of the sun. They can print up disposables with all manner of cartoon characters and there is still no doubt in my mind, cloth diapers are CUTE too!

Well, that's enough blabbing for me today. LB just came up to me and whispered, "Ah, poop!" which means she has a little junk in her trunk. That's my cue...

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~Dreamseeds~A simple wise woman with exquisite taste and unending love said...

Yes you are wierd, always have been wierd and always will be, OKAY! lol

Sounds like positive things going on with J, his x and you. So painful indeed and I trust that you guys will get through this very strong. We all make mistakes. Working toward resolve sounds so good right now for everyone and I truly with all my heart hope it comes to pass.

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